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WeHo's Controversial Plummer Park Redesign Loses Funding

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Will the closing of California's redevelopment agencies claim another victim in West Hollywood's Plummer Park? The park had been due for a much-maligned $41 million extreme makeover, complete with an acre of new green space, fountains, an underground parking lot, new preschool, and performance center with "futuristic architecture" at the expense of three Depression-era buildings and more than a hundred old trees, but the state Department of Finance has reaffirmed its decision to withhold funding for the project. Because there were no signed contracts committing West Hollywood to the project, the DOF said it was not eligible to receive funding. West Hollywood has already raised $30 million for the project with bond measures, and was counting on the redevelopment agency--and then the state when redevelopment agencies across the state were ordered shut and told to return their money to the state--to make up the difference. City Manager Paul Arevalo isn't giving up just yet; WeHoVille reports that he expects the matter to wind up in court. In the meantime, preservationists with Protect Plummer Park are "cautiously optimistic" with this latest development. Work on Plummer Park was due to start earlier this year, but was delayed due to the outcry over the plans.
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Plummer Park

7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90046