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Rehab For Torrance's Old Irving Gill-Designed Railroad Bridge

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Torrance has a lovely old Pacific Railroad bridge over Torrance Boulevard that was designed by the architect Irving Gill--the "unofficial eastern entryway to the community just west of Western Avenue" was built in 1913 and is on the National Register of Historic Places, according to the Daily Breeze. Now the city wants to fix it up and has just approved the project; they'll repair cracks in the concrete and the original wooden handrails and install solar-powered lighting. Only problem is that the original estimates came in at $56,000 but the approved project has swelled to $235,000. A city councilmember explains that "when they started removing the ivy it has allowed them to see more of the damage that has happened over the years." Work is set to start in January and finish up in mid-April.
· Costs balloon for repair of iconic railroad bridge in Old Torrance [DB]