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"Micro/Small/Mini-Bungalow" Renting For $800 in Echo Park

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Welp, no one who responds to this notice on Craigslist for a rental in Echo Park can say they weren't warned about its diminutive size. On offer, per the ad, is a "micro-Studio/efficiency-size small mini-bungalow" that's "great for one person." Located two blocks north of Sunset, the 190-square-foot bungalow "includes a room that serves as a bedroom, which features in that same room a small kitchen, two sets of French doors, automated skylight with option to completely block out sunlight and a combo air conditioner/heater. The unit opens out to a small patio with a trellis for privacy. There is a bathroom with a large shower, sink and toilet." How much to live large in this fun-size cottage (which, as far as we can tell, was not actually built by Playskool)? Oh, a mere $800 per month, "plus 1/3 of utilities, cable internet and cable TV."
· $800 / 190ft² - Mini-Bungalow Micro-Studio Unit [Craigslist]