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Downtown's Canvas LA Converting Empty Retail to Live/Work

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For all the zeal for mixed use projects around town, sometimes it's just not meant to be. The 110/101-adjacent Canvas LA opened on Beaudry five years ago with 204 apartments in four stories over 5,000 square feet of groundfloor commercial space. The residential side is doing just fine, but in all that time the retail space has had precisely zero tenants. Last month, the Downtown News reported that the building's owners were seeking permission to drop the mixed-use part of the development and convert the groundfloor space into six live/work units. The plan received the required variances from the Central Area Planning Commission this week, along with permission to put up two new signs. Matt Dzurec, representing the building's owners, indicated that they've had considerable interest in leasing the proposed new units. And so, where a mixed use dream dies, a beautiful live/work story can begin.
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