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Arty Parking Meter Helping Pay For Silver Lake Chandelier Tree

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SILVER LAKE: The lovely chandelier tree of Silver Lake is way ahead of the curve on that whole donation meter thing--while the city considers installing a set of the converted parking meters Downtown to benefit the homeless, chandelier-tree-creating genius Adam Tenenbaum has installed one outside his house to help pay the electric bill on that tree. His roommate tells us "ours has been incredibly effective, on the order of $300 in the 3 months since we installed the meter from neighbors and parents at nearby Ivanhoe Elementary. One time it was incredibly jammed, turned out someone had shoved a $20 bill all the way inside." The city, incidentally, has tons of old coin-operated meters lying around--they just pulled out the last of more than 33,000 today. [Curbed Inbox]