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LAX Could Have a Subway Stop Connecting to Metro By 2020

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Huge news today, via the LA Times: Metro and Los Angeles World Airports, which operates LAX, are finally collaborating on bringing rail service to the nation's third-busiest airport. The organizations had formerly been working on separate plans, but they finally teamed up and have now narrowed down how to make it happen. While the initial plan looked at attaching a JFK-style people mover to the Century/Aviation stop at the forthcoming Crenshaw Line (the Green Line will be able to reach that station as well), now it sounds like Metro and LAWA want to build another station, possibly closer to the airport, and have the people mover shoot off from there. They've narrowed the options down to four:

-- Two options for subterranean stations inside the central terminal area, west of Sepulveda Boulevard (a small people mover would still be necessary to take people around the airport).
-- Another option includes a station serving as the epicenter of a giant transportation center near Parking Lot C, with buses, trains, vans, and cabs nearby.
-- A station could also be built "about a mile east of LAX at Aviation and Century boulevards at Manchester Square, where a consolidated car rental facility and additional airport parking are planned."

Metro will contribute a little over a billion for the project, with LAWA hopefully picking up the rest. There is a lot of momentum to get this project done and the hope is that it's in operation by 2020. [Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

· Light rail plan for Los Angeles International Airport advances [LA Times]

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