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Sign Company: Digital Sign Takedown is Threat to Your Safety

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Last week, an appellate court ruled that two billboard companies would have to take down about 100 digital billboards around Los Angeles. In response, one of the billboard companies is like "taking down billboards will kill you!" Clear Channel Outdoor (which owns 79 of the offending signs) is saying the take-down order "will greatly hurt public safety in Los Angeles, and they plan to appeal the ruling," reports the Daily News. (But no mention of how the blinky, flashy, distracting signs might otherwise affect public safety, if you know what we're saying.) The company's lawyer "sent officials a brief report detailing how Clear Channel Outdoor flashed public information messages during the San Diego (405) Freeway weekend closure in September, and the company's role in providing Amber Alerts," then wrote that "As this (report) makes clear for all to see, turning off the digital signs would not only impact Clear Channel Outdoor, it would have serious consequences for public safety." She asked that the City Council pass an ordinance to regulate the digital signs. Analysts say the signs can bring in $100,000 each per month.
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