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Rihanna Pays $12 Million For Post-LeakGate House in Pac Pal

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Pop star Rihanna was last seen taking a bath, literal and figurative, on a pretty ugly mansion in Beverly Crest--she bought the house in 2009 for $6.9 million, sued a whole bunch of people when it started leaking like crazy, and walked away just about a year ago, selling for $5.03 million (it was flipped back on the market in September). Now Trulia Luxe Living reports she's picked up a new contemporary mansion, this time in Pacific Palisades. The seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom house was just built in 2010 and comes with a pool and spa, a kitchen with 14-foot ceilings, a wetbar, a 6,000 square foot garden, and an outdoor barbecue and bar. Rihanna paid $12 million.
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