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7 Photos From the Getty's New William Krisel Modern Archive

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[Images via the Getty]

The Getty Research Institute reached into their vault and pulled out just what we needed to get us through this chilly December day. These perfectly lovely Palm Springs photos are from the institute's new archive devoted to the work of prolific mid-century architect William Krisel, by the equally prolific photographer Julius Shulman. Responsible for as many as 40,000 residential units in Southern California (including the Corbin Palms tract in Woodland Hills, and often with partner Dan Saxon Palmer), Krisel's single-family tract houses hit all the mid-century modern notes you'd expect: minimal ornamentation, butterfly roofs, and large glass windows and doors, perfect for breezing in and out of. The new archive collects drawings, photos, and other documentation relating to Krisel's work, in Palm Springs and elsewhere. But it's December and it's cold out, so let's just focus on the sunshine and pools.
· Treasures from the Vault: William Krisel, Southern California's Architect [Getty]