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Final Playa Vista Housing For the "Discerning Westside Buyer"

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Plans for the final phase of Loyola Marymount-adjacent megadevelopment Playa Vista are starting to take shape, nearly 12 years after the the project's phase one broke ground. Brookfield Homes, which recently took control of the site--including 50 undeveloped acres zoned for 2,000 units--has turned around and sold a portion of that land to LA-based KB Home, reports the LA Times. KB plans to build more than 100 residential units in Playa Vista designed, as Chief Exec Jeffrey Mezger puts it, "to appeal to the discerning Westside buyer." Those units include three-story, 2,800-square-foot detached houses with as many as four bedrooms, and 2,000-square-foot, single-level condos with private elevator access, due to break ground in the spring. We're guessing this is not the affordable housing part of the project (which there will be). KB Home also built the sold-out Prima Terra condo development as part of Playa Vista's first phase. Also expected to join Playa Vista's 3,200 existing units are 1,500 residences from the Irvine Company. And then, finally, maybe we can all put this more than decade-long development saga behind us.
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