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Not-Apple Store Revealed in SaMo, LA's Last Coin-Op Meter

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SANTA MONICA: Hey remember that glass-roofed not-an-Apple-Store that was being built on the Third Street Promenade? (No one in the Santa Monica planning department or on the Architectural Review Board were allowed to utter the name during the review process!) Turns out it's totally an Apple Store! It opened this past weekend. Meanwhile, the site sold over the summer to the Jordache Enterprises denim family. [Racked LA/WSJ]

PICO-UNION: Death knell for the quarter: tomorrow morning, Mayor Villaraigosa will replace Los Angeles's last coin-only parking meter (at 1236 South Alvarado Street) with one of the fancy new credit card/coin meters. The city has upgraded 33,345 meters over the last few years. These new guys are considered so reliable that the city will fine you for parking at a broken one. [Curbed Inbox]