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LA Approves LADWP Money and Logo For Children's Museum

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Plans to finally open the long-dormant Lake Terrace museum formerly known as the Children's Museum of Los Angeles are finally moving ahead--on Friday, the City Council "approved the transfer of nearly $8 million from the Department of Water and Power and Bureau of Sanitation" to build exhibits on "water conservation, recycling and solar power," reports the Daily News. The city had to find that funding by the end of the year (and has to open the museum by 2015) or risk losing everything, including $16 million in grant money already slated for the center. The museum was originally built in public-private partnership, but LA took it over in 2009 when the nonprofit involved filed for bankruptcy. It's never opened, but finally earlier this year the city signed a financing and operations deal with the OC-based Discovery Science Center. With the new funding approved last week, "the DWP logo will be displayed on signs on the exhibit and on promotional materials at the center." The DSC says it hopes to open the museum by the end of 2014.
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Children's Museum of Los Angeles

11800 Foothill Blvd., Lake View Terrace, CA