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Toll Lanes Could Help Fund the 405 Transit Corridor Project

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As far as Metro's big transit projects (e.g., the Westside subway extension, the rail connection to LAX), the most far-off is the Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor project, which would connect the Valley to the Westside, roughly along the 405. Measure R, the 2008 tax initiative that provides billions for transit and freeway projects, only has $1 billion allocated for the still-mysterious project, which could take the form of anything from a bus lane to a light rail connecting to the Expo Line. That latter iteration would be very expensive--about $5 billion--and take years to complete, especially if only county, state, and federal funds are used (there's also talk of building a mega-billion dollar super tunnel for trains and cars). Metro is pushing for the 405 project to be a public/private partnership and the agency's board approved a motion on Thursday to study how to make that happen. "One option for the project is to use toll lanes to fund a rail tunnel under the pass," The Source reports.

County Supervisor Don Knabe also passed an amendment to study the Airport Connector, which will connect the Crenshaw Line to LAX terminals, as a possible PPP. For the uninitiated, a public/private partnership usually involves a private company helping to build a public amenity (like a rail line), in exchange for a cut of the profit (toll lanes or transit fare).
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