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Locals Hate Centipede Look of Lankershim Pedestrian Bridge

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The proposed pedestrian bridge from the Universal City Red Line station, across Lankershim Boulevard, to Universal Studios and Citywalk has already been criticized for its pedestrian-unfriendly design. But there are other reasons to dislike it, too! The Studio City Neighborhood Council discussed the bridge at a meeting this week and is not pleased with the aesthetics either, reports North Hollywood Patch. Lisa Sarkin, chair of the Land Use committee, described the design "as a serpent or a centipede" and said its modern look was out of character with the area. As another council member noted, "it is also interesting that it is the shape of a boomerang." Community approval is not required for the project, though Jeanmarie Hance of Metro said "we heard some passionate concerns and we returned to the drawing board." The most recent designs don't appear much different than those circulated in August, though the bridge site has been moved 14 feet further away from the historic Campo de Cahuenga.
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Universal City Red Line Station

Lankershim Blvd. & Campo de Cahuenga Wy., Los Angeles, CA