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Is This Silver Lake Bungalow the Most Hipster Listing Ever?

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This is really just a cute but pretty ordinary two-bedroom mid-century house in Silver Lake, but a little staging and a little broker babble has made it a late but very strong entry for the Most Hipster Listing of 2012. Let's crunch the numbers:

In Silver Lake: +10
Near the Reservoir: +5
Neutraface house numbers: +3
Extensive reference to the Silver Lake Meadow: +1
"Walk to Silver Lake Wine, Gingergrass, the Red Lion, the library, the dog park and LA Mill": +11 (two points for everything but the library, which gets one)
Weird chair cluster: +2
Eames rocker included: +1
Vintage stove: +50

Ghost chair or ghost chair knock-off: -1 (too trendy)
Componobili storage unit in the bathroom: +2
Vintage badminton racket leaning against wall: +7
Prominently-featured ping pong table, plus artful shot of same: +8
Vintage booze decanters: +1
Pig figurine: +1
Quirkily upholstered couch on the roof: +2
A little light on the tchotchkes: -5

That's 97 made-up points on the Hipster Scale! We have a winner. Some freelance graphic designer/style blogger couple needs to snap this place up immediately. Asking price is $699,000.
· 2350 Silver Lake Los Angeles, CA [Estately]