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In 2012, Angelenos Googled Traffic, the Dodgers, and Batman

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Haha, you are so weird, Angelenos--you were all madly Googling Batman this year, apparently (just scrolling through page after page of image results, we'd imagine). LAist asked Google for LA's top ten searches of 2012 and the list is a little predictable and a little odd, especially compared with New York's. "Whitney Houston" topped our list; "Hurricane Sandy" topped theirs, so let's just ignore what that says and move on. "SigAlert LA" came in at number six, and the "Clippers" slid in at number eight. "UCLA" made the list, but "USC" did not. And then there's "Batman." (Meanwhile, New York was mostly searching for utility companies, newspapers, and spinning classes.)

1. Whitney Houston
2. Lakers
3. Dodgers
4. Olympics 2012
6. SigAlert LA
8. Clippers
9. LA Unified School District
10. Batman
· What Angelenos Googled in 2012 [LAist]