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Hobbit House Waits in Line, Los Feliz Bike Bridge Rededication

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REDLANDS: Lords of the Rings are already camped out outside the Krikorian Redlands Cinema 14 waiting for The Hobbit to open on Friday and a couple have brought a homemade shelter with them: a replica hobbit house, which they've set up in line. The San Bernardino Sun: "The duo spent several months preparing the home using materials that were lying around [one dude's] house, and materials they purchased from local craft stores." They'll sleep in a tent inside the house. [SB Sun]

LOS FELIZ: Today the Alex Baum Bridge, which carries the LA River bike path over Los Feliz Boulevard, was set to be rededicated in honor of its *namesake's ninetieth birthday (it named for bike advocate Baum back in 2002 though). The bridge is getting some new plaques to mark the occasion. [Curbed Inbox]