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What's the Public Looking For in the Union Station Master Plan?

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The long, hard work of coming up with a plan for Union Station and the fortyish acres surrounding it is underway--architects from master plan team Grimshaw and Gruen held their first community meeting last week to find out what people are looking for in the massive project. As The Source explains: "Described as a roadmap to the future of the historic rail station, the master planning process will encompass passenger and other circulation improvements as well as longer term rail and joint development opportunities, including an analysis of high speed rail station alternatives." That means improved access for pedestrians, bikers, and commuters at the station; a look at how to handle the future high-speed rail line; and an effort at linking the station up better with its neighbors. What's the community thinking about all this right now? According to GlobeSt, "Questions about incorporating technology with regard to wayfinding arose, as did attendees' interest in incorporating the cultural performing arts into the revitalized station." A Metro planner says that "A lot of import was placed on respecting cultural tradition and heritage and celebrating it as part of the station." The data collection phase of the master plan process should last through the spring; after that, the team will start drafting some potential plans.
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