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Hollywood's Southern Vine Street Could Become Peru Village

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If an application submitted to the city yesterday gets approved, the stretch of Vine from Melrose to Sunset, a sort of sad but perhaps gentrifying area of Hollywood, will be LA's newest neighborhood: Peru Village. The group of Peruvian Americans behind the effort stopped by yesterday's City Council meeting to announce their intentions, and were greeted warmly (and bilingually) by Councilmember Eric Garcetti, whose district includes the proposed neighborhood. Garcetti seemed pleased by the prospect and said he would introduce a motion in support of the application. The applicants noted that the proposed stretch of Vine is home to several Peruvian establishments, and that thanks to its central location is equidistant to other hubs of the community, citywide. And now, some things we learned during the the Peru Village presentation:

-- Peruvians have been in California since the Gold Rush
-- Peruvians are one of the Latin American communities with the most restaurants in LA
-- Peruvian exotica singer Yma Sumac has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (sadly not located within Peru Village's proposed boundaries)

Here's hoping the McDonald's on Vine and DeLongpre gets into the spirit and adds a ceviche option to their Happy Meals.
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