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WeHo Getting Loads of EV Car Chargers That Talk to You

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West Hollywood is making it easier to drive a low-emissions vehicle, installing electric vehicle charging stations at Plummer Park this week, and adding them at parking garages on Kings Road (on the third floor) and the new library (second floor) later this month, the West Hollywood Patch reports. WeHo's current stations are outdated and not compatible with some of the newest electric cars, according to the city. The eight new chargers, funded through a Department of Energy grant, are from a company called Blink, which allows users to remotely check on their car's charging process via a smartphone app and also collects usage data for the city. The Ramada Inn on Santa Monica Boulevard has a Blink charger too, and WeHo may approach the Target on the east end of town to see if they're willing to add charging stations to their underground garage.
· New EV Chargers Installed in WeHo [West Hollywood Patch]

Plummer Park

7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90046