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After 4 Years, John Lautner's Breathtaking Schaffer House Sells

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[Photos by Elizabeth Daniels]

All the beauty fiends in the crowd can stop scrounging under the couch cushions now--the lovely but oddly-located Schaffer Residence has finally sold after more than four and a half years on the market. The house is a masterpiece even among architect John Lautner's incredible oeuvre, but it sits in a very suburban and somewhat remote area in Verdugo Hills (although close to the quaint commercial strip in Montrose). It first hit the market in 2008 asking $1.96 million and became (architecture nerd) famous in the 2009 film A Single Man. Just last month, the house was featured in our first installment of Beautiful Losers, touring the finest LA architecture that can't seem to find the right buyer. Well, the Schaffer finally did, closing escrow last week for its most recent asking price of $1.395 million. Real estate agent Crosby Doe tells us in an email: "Even though it took a long time to find the right buyer, the architecture trumped location considerations with a sale at the full asking price. The buyer also fit the profile as I discussed [in last month's story] ... The buyer is a television ad director from England." The seller was also a commercial director.
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Schaffer Residence

527 Whiting Woods Rd., Glendale, CA