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405 Offramp to Nowhere, Legalizing Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

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WESTWOOD: The 405 Freeway widening project lumbers on, with an expected completion date of sometime in 2013 (many want Metro and Caltrans to hurry up and get this nightmare over with). Staring out a Westwood high-rise gives one serious concerns, with this half-built off-ramp near Wilshire (part of the Rampture) currently headed straight for the hulking Federal Building. We're choosing to assume it's all under control. [Curbed Staff]

PACOIMA: The East LA Community Corporation is hosting the fifth and final town hall regarding the legalization of street vending in LA--tonight's meeting is at the Pacoima Branch library and it follows similar meeting in Boyle Heights, MacArthur Park, Northeast LA, South LA, and the Valley. The ELACC is pushing the city to legalize street vending (e.g., hot dog carts outside concert venues), though there is concern about health issues and carts underselling brick-and-mortars that pay more in city fees. [Curbed Inbox]