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10 Intersections to Be Screwed By SaMo's Trailer Park Killer

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In other Santa Monica development news, Brentwood Patch dug into the traffic implications of recently-approved East Village project, which will take out the beloved Village Trailer Park and put in a 377-unit apartment/condo combo with retail. To no one's great surprise, it will create more traffic: a net increase of 2,278 car trips each day, including 314 during rush hour. And even after measures are taken to ease congestion--such as tweaking signal timings and left turn arrows--the impact of the development is still expected to be "significant and unavoidable" at 10 intersections under expected conditions in the year 2020. Poor, poor congested Santa Monica. At least they'll have a light rail by then!

Those impacted intersections to avoid (come 2020) are:
-- Yale Street at Broadway Avenue/Ohio Avenue
-- Centinela Avenue at Santa Monica Boulevard
-- Centinela Avenue at Colorado Avenue/Idaho Avenue
-- Centinela Avenue at Pennsylvania Avenue/Iowa Avenue
-- Centinela Avenue (west) and Olympic Boulevard
-- Centinela Avenue and I-10 westbound ramps
-- Bundy Drive and Olympic Boulevard
-- Bundy Drive and Pico Boulevard
-- Bundy Drive and I-10 eastbound on-ramp
-- Barrington Avenue and Olympic Boulevard

Lest you think it's all bad news, recall that developer Mark Luzzatto agreed to pay a $1.65 milion "transportation infrastructure fee" to fund street and transit improvements as a condition of project approval. So there's that.
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