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Judge Rules 100 of LA's Digital Billboards Have to Come Down

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Ooh, major blow to the blinky, distracting lights coalition (during the blinky, distracting lights high season too!): an appellate court ruled today that about 100 of LA's digital billboards will have to come down. The Daily News reports that the billboards "are largely centered in neighborhoods like Hollywood, Westwood and Venice" and belong to Clear Channel Outdoor and CBS Outdoor. This particular billboard battles stretches back all the way to 2006, when, despite a ban on billboard-to-digital-billboard conversion, the city signed a deal with the sign companies allowing just such conversions for about 800 signs ("in a closed-session meeting"). Perhaps ironically, it's another sign company that's responsible for bringing down these billboards--Summit Media sued the city a few years back to stop about 700 digital billboards from going up, but the judge in the case allowed the city to decide what to do about the 100 others. The city let them stay for the time being, but Clear Channel and CBS appealed, and there we come to today's decision. The companies can now appeal to the California Supreme Court if they choose.
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