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LA's Centerish Area Found, LA to Las Vegas Train Readies

[The Pasadena YWCA, one of LA's 18 Most and Least Threatened Sites]

This Week's Top Stories: A stubby 7-story building with 700 units and 737 parking spaces and lots of glass is readying for groundbreaking at 8th and Grand in Downtown. Former Laker Andrew Bynum is suing his former neighbors in Westchester, who he claims among other things threw coins at his Ferrari. The divisive battle between the black community around Leimert Park and Metro over a station in the Leimert Park Village and the undergrounding of the line may be resolved soon. The elusive center of LA has been found, and it is in fact one really long arc that looks like a rainbow linking Downtown and Santa Monica. With just over twelve thousand tickets issued, we can declare the new ExpressLanes on the 110 a success for law breaking drivers. A blogging Londoner dislikes Los Angeles for many reasons, including we don't seem to have real jobs and our transportation system sucks. The long anticipated superfast train from LA to Las Vegas will now depart from Fullerton in 2013, allegedly.