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San Pedro's Huge Ponte Vista Project is Now More Suburban

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A few years ago, we referred to the enormous Ponte Vista project in San Pedro as a comet, and look, up in the sky, here it comes around again--developer iStar Financial has just released its draft environmental impact report on the project, which is the first big step toward approvals. Ponte Vista covers 61.5 acres and was originally supposed to have 2,300 housing units and retail; it's now a purely residential project (gated, incidentally), with 1,135 units. That breaks down to 143 single-family houses, 140 townhouses, 120 single- and multi-level condos, 514 "flats," and 218 luxury apartments. According to the Daily Breeze, the developers say the project is now more "suburban"--the development's "been set back from Western Avenue by about 40 feet." A press release adds that Ponte Vista's "density is on par with the adjacent residential development, The Gardens" (it'll have *a little more than 18 units per acre). Meanwhile, an alternative plan in the report considers an 830-unit development; apparently, the local City Council office prefers that option.

As for aesthetics and amenities, the press release says "The new Ponte Vista is designed to fit in with the natural topography of the hillside location, maintaining breathtaking views of the Vincent Thomas Bridge and creating a multiple opportunities for on-site recreation. The development will feature over 6 acres of open space in the form of playgrounds, pocket parks and hiking and bicycle trails, as well as amenities such as swimming pools and a recreation center." It'll also have all that sustainable stuff like rainwater catchment, drought-tolerant landscaping, and shade trees. The developers also plan to make improvements to Western Avenue, add a road to Mary Star of the Sea High School from Western, and complete "a package of traffic improvements at up to 20 local intersections."

The Ponte Vista site used to be owned by the US Navy; about 200 old Navy duplexes still sit on the site. Work could start in 2014 and would take about five years.

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