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11,000 Square Foot Villa Alegra Listed in Bankruptcy Sale

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As the listing copy for this 11,000 square foot abode in Sunset Plaza is sheer poetry, we're just going to get out of its way for now and meet you back at the bottom, 'k? "Imagine owning your own private kingdom. This truly remarkable residence is one of the most luxurious homes in Los Angeles and fit for an aristocrat. The splendor and unmatched quality in every room was inspired by a villa, chateau or palace in Europe. A labor of love which stretched over 7 years to build, combined with trips to Europe, resulted in this classically stunning effect. There are so many visual moments that one needs to genuinely experience it first hand to appreciate the artistry and exceptional details. The open air theatre which doubles as a lavish ballroom, splendid terraces overlooking the city, sumptuous pools and spas combined with the ethereal hardscape make this home push boundaries rarely found in residential architecture."

Impressive, no? (The copy, not the house, that is.) You may recall this boundary-pusher from when it was featured on Selling LA back in February. According to broker Valerie Fitzgerald, a couple from France had offered $11 million in cash for the property, designed and owned by developer Richard Tuil, a figure that Tuil reportedly viewed as an insult. Well, now, to add injury to insult, Tuil's "labor of love" has been listed for $8.2 million in a bankruptcy sale.
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