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USC Edition: Fancy Annenberg Building Breaks Ground, New Name For Master of Real Estate Development

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UNIVERSITY PARK: The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism broke ground today on a new five-story building that's meant to look traditional but be packed with technologically-advanced goodies: "Beyond the university's iconic Gothic flourishes on the exterior, the ultramodern interior will feature a four-story atrium with a rooftop skylight and multistory digital media tower showcasing student programming along with online social media and live broadcast news," according to a press release. It'll also have a classrooms, meeting rooms, study areas, a cafe, a 160-seat auditorium, a huge newsroom, "a 360-degree assignment desk," a "television studio with multiple sets, including anchor desks and a green screen ? a separate radio studio equipped with broadcast-quality cameras ? [and a] third studio, designed for vodcast." It's scheduled to open in fall 2014. [Curbed Inbox]

UNIVERSITY PARK: USC's real estate development masters degree now has a first name--alum David Dollinger has given the School of Public Policy a $10 million, and to thank him, they'll rename the program the Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development. The money will go toward "the recruitment of additional adjunct faculty; professional development opportunities for students, including attendance at national real estate conferences and international travel experiences; and alumni activities that will further engage graduates of this elite program." So NB potential students: Go to Dollinger, have enough money to donate $10 million to your alma mater. [Curbed Inbox]