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New Beautification HQ in Hollywood, Tour Grand Park at Night

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HOLLYWOOD: After a little unfortunate stallage, the Los Angeles Beautification Team has finally opened its new Urban Forestry and Youth Center on North Cherokee. (The LABT is a nonprofit that does stuff like graffiti abatement, tree planting, and mural installations.) The new HQ was designed by Gruen Associates partner Larry Schlossberg, who donated his work, and is full of sustainable touches, like an "open space design allows air and light to flow into the building, helping to minimize the energy used for illumination and air conditioning" and an "integrated water conservation system that will contain all rainwater, directing it to the water table and not to the sidewalk and LA's storm drain system." [Curbed Inbox]

CIVIC CENTER: Now that Grand Park's becoming a star, make sure you can say you knew it when--the LA Forum and Design East of La Brea are hosting a nighttime tour of the park tomorrow, with Tony Paradowski of Rios Clementi Hale Studios, which designed the 12-acre site. We hear there will be glowsticks. [Curbed Inbox]