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Grand Park Stakes Claim as LA's Great Public Gathering Place

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The reviews are in and the best place to watch the election was not on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox, but at the Civic Center's newly-opened Grand Park. Everyone from Brigham Yen to LAist to Streetsblog LA to the LA Times gives the new park high marks for fulfilling its role as a much-needed public space for Los Angeles. The grassy lawn area in front of City Hall hosted a viewing party for the election results and Yen called the atmosphere "electrifying," while the Times noted the presence of many young voters. In addition to being a good time, the 12-acre park, paid for completely by developer Related Cos. (which is planning a megadevelopment along Grand Avenue), also represented LA for national audiences: "Watching on CNN other cities across the country with citizens gathered together in their own great public spaces, I was proud to see LA represented on the large screen as the CNN camera panned over our enthusiastic crowd here in Grand Park," Yen writes.

· Downtown LA's New Grand Park Fulfills Role as Civic Gathering Spot [Brigham Yen]

Grand Park

S. Grand Ave. & W. First St., Los Angeles, CA