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Late Sixties Time Capsule by Robert Skinner in Beverly Hills

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Well lookie here, it's another Beverly Hills time warp by Robert Skinner, whom you may recall as the architect behind the lovingly preserved-in-amber house on Lime Orchard Road that he built as his personal residence (it was later occupied by architect Bruce Becket and family). Designed by Skinner in 1969, this five-bedroom, six-bath modern isn't especially blessed in terms of curb appeal, and evokes a bland seventies high-rise apartment from the back. However, the 6,057 square foot house's interior, though not without faults--take its ghastly kitchen lighting, please!--is pretty damn groovy, boasting vertiginously high ceilings, numerous brick fireplaces, built-in shelving, parquet wood floors, and walls of glass. Sited on a .66 acre lot next door to the historic Virginia Robinson Gardens, it's listed at $8.9 million.
· 1005 ELDEN Way [Official Site]