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Bel Air Hotel Offering Luxury Polling Place Experience

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What fun is exercising your democratic rights unless it's a little exclusive and fancy, right? On election day tomorrow, the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel will serve as a polling place for voters in precincts 9001354A and 9001364A, who live in the areas north of Sunset, surrounding the 405 Freeway (i.e. Brentwood and Bel Air)--and while you're lucky to get a sticker and a drink from a water fountain at most polling places, the hotel plans to offer all kinds of amenities to the high class voters of the Westside. According to a blog post, "The hotel's polling station will be located in the festive Luxe Sunset ballroom. Voters will be treated to complimentary valet parking and hors d'oeuvres throughout the day including coffee, muffins and delicious finger foods. The hotel's Luxe Lounge will feature live election results on its two flat screen televisions and every voter will receive a voucher for 10% off a future dinner at On Sunset restaurant and special room rates." For an additional fee, you can get a few extra ballots too (totally kidding!).
· Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel Delivers Luxury Voting Experience [Luxe Worldwide Hotels Blog]