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South Park Hotel Will Have Suites on Stilts Above Rooftop Pool

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A bunch of architects took whacks at turning a 1909 hotel-turned-drug-den into a modern urban inn for South Park, but ultimately developers chose architect Sam Marshall for the job. The Hope Street project is being developed by a group of first-time hoteliers and will cost $31 million--Marshall's design will maintain the old building and add to it, reports the Los Angeles Times. The original century-old structure is unsound and nothing can be erected on its upper floors, so it will be used as an open-air courtyard leading to a new hotel with nine stories and 44 rooms. That new tower will be topped with a pool, with three suites hovering on stalks above the water. A glassed-in artist-in-residence structure will also be affixed to the old hotel. The developers are submitting all this to the Planning Commission this week, with hopes of starting work early next year. Marshall says about his design: "Luxury is a place you can feel comfortable." Yeah, we don't know, either.
· Developers seek approval for boutique hotel in downtown L.A. [LA Times]