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Venice's Triple Lantern House Comes With All Its Oddities

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Venice locally-famous Lantern House has hit the market--the property is a legal triplex in "nearly century-old, classic beach cottages" (built in the early twenties) but is currently used as a single-family compound. That single family is obviously a little kooky, or as the listing puts it, "Find here an incomparable private oasis where fountains, art and riotous landscaping meld the indoors and outdoors into everything iconoclastic, delightful and exotic." And it all comes with the house, which is "offered fully-furnished with the owner's lifetime assemblage of fine art, furniture, furnishings, collectibles and curios." Keeping a uniquely Venice institution intact--sounds great! But then there's this snuck in at the end of the listing: "A rare opportunity for developers." Well. Anyway, they're only accepting cash offers and asking price is $5.4 million.
· 745 Milwood Avenue Venice, CA [Estately]