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Former Laker Andrew Bynum Says Westchester Neighbors Threw Coins at His Car, Hit His House With a Stick

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Former Laker (now 76er) Andrew Bynum is in a legal war with some of his former neighbors in Westchester--he claims "he was 'harassed' by Ramond and Cindy Beckett, 'who object' to his 'profession, his race, his friends, his cars, and his taste in music'," reports USA Today. He claims the Becketts are huuuuuuge dicks: "throwing coins at his Ferrari (which chipped the paint), screaming at him about his music, and even banging the side of his house with 'a long stick'," according to TMZ. The Becketts are in turn countersuing, saying "Andrew Bynum is a great basketball player and a terrible neighbor who presumes that being an NBA All Star entitles him to party like a rock star in the otherwise quiet Westchester neighborhood where he lives."

They say that Bynum is actually the dick here, having brandished firearms to intimidate them, blasted "loud, profane rap music," blasted video games at "window-shaking volumes," allowed his dogs to run loose in the neighborhood, recklessly raced his cars down the street, an put up a fence "not in compliance with the community codes and regulations." He's also let pot smoke drift next door, but that complaint seems like just piling it on. Bynum's lived in "his fancy home" for more than seven years; the Becketts have by now sold their house.
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