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USC's Members-Only University Club Moves Into Former Library

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USC's University Club (only faculty and staff can become members) has gotten a new home at King Stoops Hall, which started life in 1923 as a Los Angeles public library (and was a USC library for decades too). Perkins+Will designed the adaptive reuse project, adding an addition and creating "a main dining room that serves as the building's showpiece, modern kitchen, private rooms, a lounge, bar, and second floor banquet area," as well as a patio, according to a press release. Meanwhile, the old central library area has been opened up to focus on the cathedral ceiling and windows. The University Club used to be located in an old mid-century modern building at the south end of campus, but the press release notes that the new building is "at the heart of a campus that is expanding northward."
· University Club [Official Site]