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LA Working on "Limited Immunity" For 182 Pot Shops

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Just in the last half-year, Los Angeles has banned pot shops, unbanned pot shops, relied on the federal government to crack down on pot shops, and now they're working on a sort of backdoor revival of their 2010 ordinance regulating the shops: yesterday the City Planning Commission voted to give "limited immunity from enforcement" to medical marijuana clinics that "have been in operation since September 2007, have registered with the city, pay taxes and agree to limits on hours of operation and location," according to the Daily News (they also must be more than 1,000 feet from things like schools and churches). That'll cover something fewer than 182 shops--the same number that would've been grandfathered in under the 2010 ordinance. However, these shops are only protected from local crackdowns--the state and the feds can still bust in whenever they please. The measure now goes to the City Attorney for some tweaks and the City Council for approval.

Meanwhile, there could be two pot shop measures on the May ballot, according to KPCC: "One proposal would allow an unlimited number of clinics to operate, as long as owners have registered with the city. A separate plan would allow the original 182 shops to remain open and would permit collectives of six patients." It's uncertain how either of those might affect the new city rules.
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