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Hollywood & Western Gets New Development, Long Beach Park(d)

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image via eyetwist/ Curbed LA flickr pool

This Week's Top Stories: Developer Sonny Astani returns with yet another big project, this time a mixed-use development at Hollywood and Western dubbed "High Line West". Further west, we learned that the Hollywood Palladium on Sunset Boulevard may be doomed as a Miami developer has plans to erect a luxury residential tower on the site. Another hurdle to Downtown's Farmers Field/ NFL stadium has been cleared, as AEG agreed to the demands of opponents to fund parks and housing. In honor of Halloween, Curbed looked at 13 spooky buildings in the LA-metro area made famous in movies and TV. And a little treat for Downtowners, as the tax assessment on Downtown property owners to fund the proposed streetcar project will be a little higher than expected. West Hollywood gives an update on two of the many large La Brea Boulevard construction projects - we're only a year and a half away from seeing them finished. A popular Glendale street for Halloween trick-or-treaters went on lock-down this year to keep out outsiders -- it seemed to work. Long Beach is just showing off now - they built a hardscape park in a parking lot with paint and some furniture and its both attractive and not sucky. Good job Long Beach!