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Playa Vista's Last Undeveloped Land Getting Loads of Housing

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The last 110 undeveloped acres in Westside megadevelopment Playa Vista have sold to Brookfield Homes, which plans to put a whole bunch of houses and apartments. PV is back on the move following a bit of a bust-era stallout--Howard Hughes's old Spruce Goose hangar, now known as the Hercules Campus creative offices, has been filling up, and work on a Downtown commercial area started in the spring. Now Brookfield will "plans to develop the site into 600 to 800 homes and 1,500 apartment units," according to the Wall Street Journal (although the land sale is not yet finalized). The company plans to enlist the Irvine Company and an affordable-housing specialist to actually create the development, and will "sell several hundred single-family home lots" to locals KB Home. A rep for the Irvine Company says "Whenever we look at a project, what we're looking for is being able to provide housing near jobs."
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