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Ivanhoe Elementary Parents at War Over LADWP Construction

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Uh oh: the LADWP's work on its Lower Reach River Supply Conduit Project has reached the area in front of Silver Lake's Ivanhoe Elementary and the school's highly-involved parents are going into "think of the children" mode (the school is only about 30 feet from the work on Rowena Avenue). The Los Feliz Ledger reports that the construction, part of the project to replace the Silver Lake Reservoir, "has filled the area's streets with noise and dust, bringing stakeholder allegations it's caused them respiratory issues, loss of sleep and productivity, and crippling impacts on their businesses. Now parents are claiming the neighborhood's children are in danger." They say that particulate matter from the work is giving their kids "[c]oughs, runny noses, bronchiolitis, pneumonia," in addition to being just generally distracting "and creating a poor learning environment." The parents have formed a coalition to fight the LADWP on this; some have even taken their kids out of the school temporarily and "others are considering doing the same."

The LADWP claims that any impact from the construction should be mitigated and that it can't delay work until summer ("as many parents had requested") for some reason or another. However, it has agreed to look into other measures, including testing the particulate matter hourly and moving the work until after school has started and kids are inside. They're also working with the LAUSD "to staff a nurse five days a week, retrofit the schoolyard with temporary sound blankets, classroom air filters and work with the on-sight engineer daily to maneuver the children's physical education and recess periods outdoors to indoors or another location based on the type of construction that will be taking place each day." Construction outside the school is set to last until January. [Ivanhoe via Yelp]
· Ivanhoe Parents Concerned By DWP Construction [Los Feliz Ledger]

Ivanhoe Elementary School

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