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Deficient Silver Lake/Atwater Bridge Could Get Major Redesign

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Great news for hipster/slightly-older-hipster relations: the scary Glendale-Hyperion Bridge between Silver Lake and Atwater Village is getting a safety upgrade from LA, the State Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration. The 2011 Transportation for America survey noted that the 1929 bridge had been deemed "structurally deficient." The Los Feliz Ledger reports that the Glendale Hyperion Bridge Improvement Project would overhaul the bridge to "have the center median barrier separate the northbound and southbound traffic, combine the two existing sidewalks into a single sidewalk on the west side of the bridge, and realign traffic lanes on the bridge." It would also bring it up to seismic safety standards--the bridge is close to the Santa Monica Thrust Fault, so that's a pretty high priority (the words "catastrophic damage" are used).

The city is also considering moving the 5 North off-ramp to connect to Glendale Boulevard, which would allow drivers to turn either left or right (right now they're fed onto a one-way street); that would also allow room for an access ramp to the LA River bike path. The city is already working on Sunnynook Park along the riverbank by the Silver Lake side of the bridge.

The involved parties are working on an environmental assessment for the bridge upgrade now and work is expected to start in spring 2016 and wrap up in late 2019.
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