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Rehab For Skid Row Women, Touring Maltzan's Carver

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SKID ROW: Today, LA County officially unveiled the rehab of the Downtown Women's Center's Jill's Place, "the first project to be completed under the Community Development Commission's (CDC) Sustainable Rehabilitation Program"--it provides 48 permanent supportive housing units for formerly homeless women. That "sustainable" part means that the CDC put a lot of money into reducing the building's energy usage (they brought it down by about 30 percent). Architect Maureen Sullivan of Pica+Sullivan designed this rehab; she worked on the building back in the early '80s too, when she was in Brenda Levin's office. Twenty residents moved into the new Jill's Place on November 1; the building should be completely leased in February 2013. The DWC has also opened a store in the building called Made by DWC Resale Boutique. In 2010, the DWC opened up a new home in an old shoe factory on San Pedro Street. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Loving all this supportive housing for the homeless? The design boosters at Design East of La Brea are hosting a tour of the Skid Row Housing Trust's Carver Apartments, that crazy sawblade-looking building by the 10. Carver was designed by Michael Maltzan and opened in 2010, providing 97 supportive housing units. Info on the tour here. [Curbed Inbox]

Carver Apartments

325 W. 17th St., Los Angeles, CA