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Controversial SaMo Party House Hits the Market Asking $22MM

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[Photos by Marcel Eskenazy/ME Photography]

A couple months back, Santa Monica nearly passed an emergency ordinance that would keep homeowners from throwing big parties "for the purpose of selling a home." It was all the House of Rock's fault--Elaine Culotti had bought the former Kathryn Grayson estate (designed by Elmer Grey), gave it an overhaul, and started throwing enormous parties ("for charity"), with hundreds of guests, spotlights, and even occasionally Christina Aguilera. Ultimately, the ordinance failed, but now the house has hit the market asking $22 million. The house, originally designed by Grey, was built in 1926. Grayson, star of Anchors Aweigh, lived there from the 1940s until her death in 2010 (when Culotti bought it for $7.7 million).

The House of Rock now has design work by Culotti, Ralph Pucci, David Bromstad, Susan Cohen, Sami Hayek, and Kyle Schunema, according to the listing, which adds that they've "retained many of the home's original Old World hallmarks (English Oak paneling, rounded archways, minstrel's gallery, high-pitched beams and hand-crafted leaded windows)." It comes with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a two-bedroom guesthouse, "forward-thinking home automation and audio-visual," a yard, an infinity pool, a home theater, a library, and a top-floor recording studio "designed and curated in collaboration with a multi Grammy winning producer." Several rooms, including "the library, the great room, and even the master bathroom, are hardwired with microphone panels, fiber optics and digital lines so that artists and amateurs alike can record in a variety of environments." That's right: you can record in the shower. Everyone knows that's where the best acoustics are.
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