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Ikea Planning Largest Store in the US by the 5 in Burbank

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Ikea has been working with the city of Burbank to upgrade its store there, but now they've revealed the crazy mad extent of their ambitions: they want to open the US's largest Ikea, on 22 acres along the 5, west of San Fernando Boulevard and south of Providencia Avenue, reports the Daily News. The existing store, which opened in 1990, is 242,000 square feet; the new store would be 470,000 square feet (the biggest Ikea in the world, at 594,000 square feet, is in Stockholm). The current Ikea has about 8,000 items; the new one would have about 10,000, as well as parking for 1,700 cars, "improved access and parking and a larger warehouse space," plus "50 'inspirational room-settings,' three model-home interiors, a supervised children's play area and a larger restaurant for serving Swedish specialties." The plans involve a complicated land deal with a private development company and Burbank's post-Community Redevelopment Agency entity, but everyone's expecting things to work out and approvals to come through within nine months. Work would start in 2015 and the store would open in 2016. Right now there are no plans for the soon-to-be-old Ikea site.
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