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Movie Studios Aren't Eager to Help Pay For Walk of Fame Rehab

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame is in some dicey shape and the Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Historic Trust are working on a major makeover--work on 13 stars near Hollywood and Highland has already begun, with help from corporate sponsors like Absolut (there's also money from the Chamber and Metro, among others). The Hollywood Reporter reports that "Cracks are being fixed, brass outlining replaced and mangled terrazzo reinforced with thicker substrate foundation." Now the CoC is asking studios and record companies to help pay for the rest of the $4 million job; they're sounding a little skeptical, since they already pay a $30,000 sponsorship fee whenever one of their stars gets a star (that money goes toward unveiling-day costs and lifetime maintenance). A "major studio" source tells THR "I don't see us in a hurry to pony up."
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