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Desert's Rotating D'Angelo House Hits the Market For $279k

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Too many houses in the city come without any angular momentum or tenuous ties to the Beatles, so head to the desert for the rotating D'Angelo House, built in 1963 in the Snow Creek area outside of Palm Springs. According to the listing, the little guy (857 square feet) is "One of only a handful of homes in the world that rotate electrically." The house was built by LA businessman Floyd D'Angelo of the Aluminum Skylight and Specialty Corporation, who worked with an aerospace engineer pal to build a house that would show off one of his products, according to modernhomesla.

The most recent owner ("who comes from the NYC ad agency world") has done a thorough cleanup of the joint (it had been vacant for decades when he bought it in 2002) and put in a new motor for the rotating mechanism--it takes 15 seconds to complete a 130 degree turn. As for the mechanics: "The home is raised with cement block skirting the bottom of the house and resting on sixteen struts with rubber tire casters on an annular rail positioned above a concrete slab." The motor was originally solar-driven.

And for a little something extra, "there is lore of the Beatles partying in the house while on tour in Los Angeles in 1965." Apparently Eric Burdon of The Animals lived nearby.

The D'Angelo sits on an acre of land next to a two-acre undevelopable parcel and has one bedroom, three-quarter bathrooms, an open floor plan, and a central fireplace. Asking price is $279,000 with monhtly HOA dues of $66.
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