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1950s La Crescenta Fixer is Not For the Faint of Heart

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This house in La Crescenta may look like an unremarkable, upstanding 1950s ranch from the outside, but behind that benign exterior lurks a yikes-fest straight out of a David Lynch film. Located around the corner from the spot where the infamous Kimball Sanitarium once stood (now a Ralph's), the two-bedroom fixer's catalog of horrors includes typical things such as moldy, stained carpet; vile linoleum; wrecked cabinets; and falling-down ceilings. But upping the creep factor times infinity are its customized toilet seats and spooky family of mannequins (?) in 1880s garb standing guard over the murky swimming pool. A probate sale, the 1,933 square foot residence is listed at $615,000.
· 2411 CROSS St [Estately]