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High Desert Corridor Transpo Project Exploring Bike, High-Speed Rail Options

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Metro's High Desert Corridor project on the table for the northern end of LA County is exploring other modes of transportation, besides just expanding freeways. Will the cars get jealous? According to Streetsblog, the High Desert Corridor project team has been considering "a bike path, a green energy production/transmission corridor, and a high-speed rail feeder service connector for the area either as a replacement of the project or addition to a smaller highway project." What's more: "Politicians in San Bernardino have already heard presentations on the changes being studied and Supervisor Antonovich's office confirmed that the environmental impact report will include all of these options both in companion to the freeway and as alternatives." These ideas and more will be up for discussion at a round of public hearings commencing next week, ahead of the release of a new draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report expected in late 2013. If you can't wait until one of those hearings to learn everything you can about the project, Metro released a crowdsourcing, social media integrated, grilled-cheese making (ok not that last part) map for the project back in March of this year.
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