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Rich Malibuites Drop Plan to Harvest Sand From Manhattan

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The superrich homeowners of Malibu's Broad Beach have dropped plans to harvest sand from off the coast of rich-but-not-nearly-as-rich Manhattan Beach; oh, they'll still need precious sand to replenish their eroding beach (for the next decade or two anyway), but they'll be getting it from somewhere else. The Broad residents are taxing themselves via a special assessment district to pay for the $20 million project, which would've taken about 500,000 cubic yards of sand from a 27-acre plot off Manhattan to shore up the beach for no more than 10 to 20 years. The homeowners' attorney tells the Daily Breeze that "Our project has a schedule ? and we were not convinced we could make that schedule by continuing our pursuits off Manhattan Beach." Maybe that's because MB hates the plan--among other concerns, the city was worried that it might one day need to replenish its own coastline with that sand. Still, the lawyer says the Broad Beachers were not at all worried about lawsuits: "The (assessment district) board is made up of seasoned litigators ... Litigation really had nothing to do with our decision. It's all about timing and schedule." Well, then. Meanwhile, a State Lands Commission report also looked at the possibility of taking sand from off Ventura County or Dockweiler Beach.
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