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Westwood's Fig Trees Getting Replaced, But Not Without a Fight

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Westwood Village, particularly Westwood Boulevard, remains besotted with empty storefronts, but is in the midst of an attempted comeback, with clean-up crews on duty and safety ambassadors patrolling the area (and one, two, and then three well-received restaurants recently opened on or near the boulevard). The recently-formed Westwood Village Improvement Association, which oversees and pays for the litter blasters and Segway-riding ambassadors, just received approval to remove 18 trees that were busting the street's sidewalk with their roots, The Daily Bruin reports. The trees, mostly Indian laurel fig trees, will be replaced by Chinese flame trees, which have less invasive roots. Both the Westwood neighborhood council and the community council oppose the removal, preferring the current trees be pruned or more space be made for the trees' roots to expand. The city's assistant chief forester (we have a forester!) says that's not realistic. The project could begin in January.
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